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Body Work Available:

CranioSacral Therapy

Very light touch therapy that evaluates and releases restrictions in the craniosacral system of the body

Swedish Massage

Slow, gentle, relaxing and soothing massage

Deep Tissue

Massage using deep pressure where appropriate to elicit pain relief and healing

Sound Therapy

Tibetan bowls played on and around the body. Promotes deep relaxation, pain relief, reduction of stress & anxiety, chakra & energy balancing


Meditative and relaxing, this healing energy work uses the laying on of hands with visualization to balance energy and promote healing


Massage of the feet and/or hands focusing on points which correspond to other areas of the body

Pregnancy Massage

Soothing massage designed to relieve discomforts of pregnancy

Sports Massage

Vigorous, energizing massage—excellent before or after exercise or athletic competition

Facial Massage

Luxurious, pampering treatment for the face and neck, including warm towels, hand & foot massage


This use of pure plant essential oils enhances bodywork and can have a powerful effect on emotional, mental and physical states

Spa Therapies:

...provide exfoliation, hydration and enhance circulation. An excellent complement to massage therapy.

Body Scrub

Choose from several blends of sugar or sea salt combined with natural nut, fruit and essential oils: Coconut, Rosemary/Peppermint, Lavender, or custom aromatherapy blend.

Body Wrap

Detoxifying and hydrating treatment. Your body is covered with a moor mud, algae or herbal mixture then cocooned and kept warm while the treatment penetrates deeply.

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