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About Brigette

I've been a massage therapist since 1994 and have a passion for bodywork, especially Craniosacral therapy. I completed the 200 hour Hatha yoga teacher training at Yoga Yoga in Austin, and am enrolled in the 500 hour training program there.

The desire for stress relief brought me to yoga in 2007. Strengthening and stretching the body feels wonderful, and learning tools to calm the fluctuations of the mind has been extremely valuable. For me, yoga means awareness. Not only awareness of breath and movement, but awareness of the impact of every thought and action.

I'm drawn to teaching to share some of what yoga has brought into my life. Perhaps the greatest gift I've received is compassion for myself.

I teach an Iyengar inspired Hatha yoga, offering props to make poses comfortable. I take an open, not-so-structured approach, going with what feels good and right in the moment. My classes are open and appropriate for all levels, including those new and completely unfamiliar with yoga.

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